E-commerce Designer

Job Responsibilities:

Lead and complete the visual design of the company's e-commerce home page, S-level activity page and core product details page;

This position focuses on the design of the details page of the important products, and does not participate in the daily information update and delivery, but focuses on the quality. The work goal is to promote the cool design. We welcome the designers who have ideals and pursuit of design and value quality to deliver.'


1. More than 3 years of e-commerce design experience, experience in activity and detail page design of home decoration electrical and electronic products is preferred;

2, the design style has a certain depth and breadth, two-dimensional form aesthetic feeling, solid synthesis skills;

3. Love design and have high self-requirement;

4. With high aesthetic appreciation and active thinking, I have my own opinions on the marketing and publicity design of personalized consumer electronic products in the future;

5. Familiar with e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD.com;

5. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and other design software; Being able to Cinema 4D is a plus;

6. Open personality, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, meticulous work.

Metro periphery, quarterly group construction, beauty handsome boy technology bull like clouds! There is no shortage of kangfu. We are not general party A, as long as you work hard! Enough idea! Enough fun! Look!