Brand Story

'CONFU' is the main brand of Guangdong Huanengda Electric Co., Ltd., headquartered in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, has a history of 28 years.

With the mission of 'committed to creating exquisite and ever-changing shapes for consumers, and presenting a new beauty', the company is positioned to create a 'fashionable, technological, and international' brand. And make long-term, effective and leading efforts for this.

The main products include personal care appliances series such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair clippers, etc.; household appliances series such as clothes dryers, hair ball trimmers, and air purifiers. Products from design, mold making, various parts and components are all independently developed and manufactured, and it is currently the world's most complete hair dryer manufacturer with independent supply in the production chain. As a representative national brand of China's hair dryer industry, 'CONFU' has made a number of breakthrough reforms for the technological development of my country's hair dryer industry. Its contribution to the industry has been recognized and it is also the pioneer of 'Made in China' going abroad!

As a member of the National Household Appliance Standards Committee, the company has participated in the formulation and revision of industry standards for many years. At the same time, the self-built national CNAS certified laboratory can complete the conducted disturbance voltage test, conducted disturbance power test, harmonic current test, electrostatic discharge immunity test, anti-surge test, voltage fluctuation and flicker test. High-precision experimental test items. The company has a number of domestic and foreign patents. These forward-looking technological innovations have made a certain contribution to the development of my country's hair dryer industry to catch up with the international level.

The company has passed IS09001 quality management system, IS014001 environmental management system and 'BSCI' social responsibility system and other certifications. Products have passed national '3C' certification, German 'CE' and 'GS' certification, US 'ETL' certification and EU ROHS Certification. It has registered trademarks in 31 countries including Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States, and has been rated as a 'European Information Center Registered Supplier' by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the European Information Center. The company has been rated as 'Guangdong Province Private Technology Enterprise', 'Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center', 'Guangdong Engineering Technology R&D Center', 'Guangdong Province Innovative Enterprise', 'Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise', 'Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center' Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise', 'Guangdong Province Advantage Traditional Industry Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Enterprise', 'Guangdong Province Key Support High-growth Enterprise', 'China Quality Integrity Enterprise', 'National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise' and 'National High-tech Enterprise' 'Technical Enterprise', and won the honorary title of 'Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprise' for ten consecutive years. The 'Kangfu' brand has successively won the 'Guangdong Province Famous Brand', 'Guangdong Province Famous Brand with Key Cultivation and Development', and 'Guangdong Province Famous Brand'. Products' and 'China Well-known Trademarks'. So far, Kangfu is also the only brand in China's hair dryer industry that has won the honorary title of 'China's Well-known Trademark'.

Through a diversified marketing strategy, the company hired international movie stars as the spokesperson for the Kangfu brand image. Over the years, it has reached strategic partnerships with domestic first-tier television media such as CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV to conduct media advertisements in high-speed railway stations, airports, and theaters in major core cities across the country. Launched, nearly 30 years of technology precipitation and quality reputation have made Yasuo a well-known brand of national hair dryers. Its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, and its international market share exceeds that of traditional brands in many European and American countries such as Italy and Germany. , To become the leader of China's hair dryer industry. At the same time, the Kangfu brand has established flagship stores on domestic Internet shopping platforms such as Tmall,, Vipshop,, and Pinduoduo. Relying on its strong brand influence and excellence in product quality, its sales performance has been stable in the industry for many years. Forefront. It has high popularity on new media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, WeChat Official Account, and Weibo, and has become a brand favored by many big V.

After decades of development, the Kangfu brand has undergone rigorous criticism and years of baptism by millions of consumers. With the strategic vision of 'building a century-old Kangfu, creating a well-known brand', the company is forging ahead all the way!