Customer service supervisor

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the overall management of the customer service team, monitoring the customer service chat records every day and timely coaching and correcting errors.

2. Formulated customer service management system, customer service process and terminology standards; Reasonable allocation of stores, shifts, working resources and time on each platform.

3. Formulated customer service training plans and organized their implementation, and continuously improved customer service staff's business skills through training; Comprehensively optimize customer service quality.

4. Led the customer service team to complete the sales task, responsible for the decomposition and implementation of the sales target; Improve conversion rate and service quality, reduce refund rate and complaint rate.

5. Improve and optimize the work content and performance plan and other incentive measures of each position of the team, and reasonably optimize the personnel structure.

6. Summarized, sorted out and analyzed customer needs and problems, made regular customer service reports, dealt with customer complaints, and maintained the platform image

7. Excellent ability to analyze and solve problems, strong strain ability and post-processing ability, able to deal with pre-sales, after-sales, complaints and other business independently.

8. Cooperate with leaders to complete other temporary assignments.

Job Requirements:

1. More than 2 years customer service management experience, e-commerce industry is preferred; College degree or above.

2. Strong ability of problem analysis, problem solving and organization diagnosis.

3. Good communication and coordination skills, and able to work under pressure, with a high sense of responsibility and strong drive;

4. Standard Mandarin, outgoing, cheerful, strong affinity.