Electrical business operations

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the store, assisted the operation supervisor, and was responsible for the daily operation of the store;

2. Planned regular activities to improve store traffic and sales.

3. Store data monitoring: traffic data, marketing data, transaction data, product management and customer management;

4. Formulated sales plan, budget, implementation plan and implemented according to the store sales target;

5. Report and analyze paid promotion data regularly, optimize and improve promotion plan;

6. Found existing problems in the store through data analysis of the industry and competitors and proposed optimization suggestions to the planning team;

7, good at standard product operation is preferred, have brand operation experience is preferred.

Job Requirements:

1. More than 1 year of domestic e-commerce operation experience;

2. Have some basic knowledge of through train/drilling exhibition promotion, and have a general understanding of related operations and functions;

3. Have some ideas and ideas for the improvement of click-through rate and conversion rate;

4. Proactive, strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to work under pressure, good at adjusting their own state;

5, have a burst of ideas to create, good at standard product operation priority.