The product manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Formulated and implemented product development plans and objectives according to market demand and the company's overall planning;

2. Conducted market and product analysis, refined product development needs, set up a complete supply chain for product planning, product project approval, product project development and sales management;

3. Formulated product design requirements, connected with the factory, conducted product trial production and mass production machine testing, and ensured that the products could be successfully completed according to the design requirements;

4. Conducted project approval and management of products from the perspective of SKU, and provided product positioning, pricing, and sales strategy with the research information;

5. According to product characteristics, select appropriate suppliers to establish cooperative relationships, and assist the purchasing department to complete the signing of supplier contracts/agreements;

6. Established product database, refined product core values and selling points, assisted the design department to improve product documents, pictures and other materials, and conducted product training for the sales department before the launch of products;

7. Collected, summarized and analyzed product sales data, and assisted the sales department to adjust sales plans and strategies;

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, at least 3 years working experience in small home appliance product development, purchasing or supply chain management, 3C working experience is preferred.

3. Have a good understanding of the gift industry and domestic e-commerce industry and be keen on the development of this industry;

4, have good language expression and communication skills, have strong written expression ability;

5. Strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure, highly professional and able to accept high-intensity work, with certain negotiation ability;